The reason why Micro switch known as a Micro switch? As it switches uAmps? Not really. It’s more common to switch a number of Amps. Due to its dimension? It is very sketchy precisely what is regarded as big and what exactly is already little. Then why so? Probably as the first producer was the American business called Micro switch. And as these products were quite popular, the name Unionwell Switch became a common brand for all producers.

The business Micro switch was obtained by Honeywell in 1950. And Honeywell registered the trademark Micro switch. Other manufacturers utilized the title Snap-Motion switch or Fundamental switch. Nevertheless the question nevertheless remains why the founder of the business, Mr. Schulte, chose to name his business Micro switch? Since they switched Micro-amps? Probably not because in 1937 the Micro-amps did not even exist. Because of their miniature dimensions? Probably indeed, during those times they may be regarded as small.

And exactly what is that Micro switch? It is really an electric switch (trademarked in 1932) that is actuated by hardly any actual physical pressure. Changing occurs at specific positions of the actuator (not like other switches). Fairly little movement on the actuator button generates a fairly large movement at the electric contacts, which occurs at high speed (regardless of the velocity of actuation). Common durability originates from 1 to 10 countless periods. This sturdiness is actually a all-natural results of the design.

Micro switches are certainly not operated by individual; it will always be some moving portion of the equipment. Common programs are detection (e.g. jammed paper in photocopier, the actual existence of material or product). Other program can be a limit switch (for control of device resources) or door switch (e.g. refrigerator).

And which one can we love probably the most? We love the Marquardt Micro switches. probably the most. Why? As it is that Marquardt that creates electronic secrets for Mercedes, Volkswagen and other premium cars and this Marquardt that produces switches for blue Bosch electrical resources. That is why.

Marquardt includes a great variety of Micro switches. 3 basic dimensions – small (Series 1005 and 1080, width about 28mm), subminiature (Collection 1050, width about 20mm) and ultra subminiature (Series 1055, size 13mm).

We choose the right terminals and the right type of actuator:


– Straight PCB pins

– Angled PCB pins

– Soldering eyelets

– Fast link (Faston)

– Cables


– Pin plunger

– Straight handle

– Roller lever

– Simulated roller

– Springtime handle

The most important thing when utilizing Micro switches? To begin with, weight size and kind. Some kinds of load have greater inrush present. E.g. communicate has 5 times higher inrush current than nominal, engine 10 occasions, incandescent lamp 15 occasions and solenoid even 20 times. Alternatively, for switching small lots, usually do not use Unionwell Switch for high currents. We suggest utilizing Micro switch with gold plated connections.

For severe environment (dirt and moisture), make sure you use Micro switches with greater Ip address rating (up to IP67). We suggest applying a contact defensive circuit to prolong contact durability, prevent sound, and reduce the era of carbide or nitric acid due to arc. The use of a contact defensive circuit may delay the response duration of the burden. Samples of this kind of circuits:

-Radio controlled Circuit – in techniques with power supply of 24-48V, it is actually efficient for connecting the RC circuit in parallel towards the load. Once the power source voltage is 100-200V, then in parallel to the connections (in this instance when Air conditioning is changed, the stress impedance must be lower than the R and C impedance)

-Varistor – making use is very similar to Radio controlled circuit, despite those problems when in parallel to load or connections. Varistor helps to ensure that no high-voltage is imposed in the contacts.

-Diode – power saved in the coil is altered into current by the diode connected in parallel towards the weight. Then this present flowing towards the coil is consumed and Joule warmth is generated by the resistance in the inductive weight. The diode should endure a maximum inverse voltage 10 occasions higher than the circuit voltage and a ahead present up to or higher than the stress present.

-Diode and Zener diode – this technique is going to be effective if the reset time hold off due to the diode strategy is too much time. Zener voltage for any Zener diode must be about 1.2 occasions higher than the power resource.

Ensure that the working entire body will work smoothly. The form of it should be circular or oblique – to stop shocks to the actuator. And naturally, operate the actuator of a hinge roller handle or simulated hinge handle kind from your right (correct) path.

Be sure that the stroke to the actuator is set to not surpass the complete travel place. Or even, the operating body may damage the actuator or the switch alone, and the stress applied to the moving springtime inside the switch increases and after that, the oaglhk from the switch may be deteriorated.

And some additional information – to not tighten up the screws excessive – never to deform your body of the switch. Or when soldering, adjust the volume of solder so that the flux does not enter in the switch, there may be contact failure.

Try the Marquardt Unionwell Switch. Even a bad option can shift you ahead. Nevertheless it expenses money and time. Maybe these recommendations will allow you to reduce your cost and some time.

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