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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEO Content Writing have always gone hand-in-hand. True, content writing evolved with the net and it was only when search engine listings came to be widely used for searching websites that Search engine optimization increased in importance. Today no website can afford to ignore the services of an in-house Online Search Engine Optimizer or of a dedicated Search marketing services provider. But is merely SEO enough to generate traffic and get loyal users or do websites also need top quality, original and exciting content?

While this question may seem a no brainer for virtually any person or business which understands the significance of fresh and quality content, it’s not so easy for the majority (or minority?) to comprehend so easily. Many people just choose to lift content and post it on the sites to fill pages and post more ads and/or increase the amount of links. But does this work? First of all this will not only reflect adversely inside the site rankings as Google, whereby 70% from the search traffic is routed, just fails to accord exactly the same or even half the importance that it does for the original content.

Apart from the originality aspect, don’t you want your blog or website to get unique rather than just a rip-from individuals that have developed content with an entirely different purpose in sight? You see, clones just don’t work in the online world. We have seen many sites reproducing exactly the same awful content with all the errors within the original content, intact. And even if you can to have the site on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing using SEO how can you expect users to discover the website or bite to the sales hype, which can be really just what the whole reason for SEO really is.

So it’s a truism that SEO alone is not going to work; rather SEO complimented with highly focused and original content is what you need to not just obtain the top rankings that you simply so desperately crave, but also and even more importantly, stay on the top page to get a reasonable period of time. Actually, highly viewed and commented content is able to remain on top for years together provided there is a steady stream of comments flowing in. Thus websites need to buy both SEO and quality content.

Basically we analyzed one part of the issue it can make to question whether good Search Engine Optimized content is adequate to get to the very first page with no dedicated SEO. Well, even this may not be always true, although it is in some cases. As an example, in the event the content is entirely fresh without any write-ups or at many very few, then even plain SEO content will work just fine. But then it’s just as hxsvax that this topic or even the keywords which it contains aren’t highly searched. Take the demonstration of a article over a nondescript town called Dhansari in India, which will most likely hit bull’s eye without any fancy SEO but have you thought about a general article on India; you obtain my point.

Aside from this it’s another simple fact that blogs don’t normally rank high vis-a-vis dedicated domains. So will more often than not come afterwards Google, maybe much later than even in the event the former has a lot more relevant content compared to the latter. Thus content also may not really king on its own. But we can surely dress up and spread good quality words regarding the content making it the king, can’t we?

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